University students, call yourself a mentor for a day

Remember when you just graduated from high school and were debating what to study next? During student shadowing, you can help today's students make these important choices. On the student shadow day, a student observes a university students' school day for 4-8 hours. If necessary, the meeting will take place virtually and last for 45 minutes.

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YOUR BENEFIT Why take a student shadow?

Help students find their way

Remember how you just finished school yourself and considered what to do next? What to study? Maybe you're standing at a crossroads like many of today's students. Invite the student to be a student shadow! Let him see if your specialty could also suit him or rather not. This way it will be easier for him to find his way and you will be able to meet new people.

Learn more about yourself and your studies

The student coming to shadow you will have questions. They want to know what university life is like and what your specialty entails. Some questions will be more specific, others more general, but in any case, answering them will also help you. The best way to learn for yourself and clarify your thoughts is to explain the topic to someone else. Isn't that right?

Be a brand ambassador

Do your school and industry a favor – be a brand ambassador! By taking student shadows, you help bring bright heads and awesome people to study at your university or in your specialty. Motivate and inspire by answering students' questions and sharing the necessary tricks.

Introduce a student to university life

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METHOD Student shadowing

What is it?

Student shadowing is a one-on-one meeting with a student at university. Student shadowing can take place in two ways:

  1. If the meeting takes place face-to-face, the student could be shown the whole school day (8h) or half a day (4h). It is important that the student sees different aspects of studying at the university, e.g. the learning environment, gets an idea of the pace, attends lectures, etc.
  2. If the meeting takes place virtually, it will last 45 minutes. For the meeting, the student will prepare at least 10 questions that they will ask you during the interview.

Students are interested in topics such as:

  • How did the university applications go? What were the tests like?
  • Why did you decide to study this specialty?
  • What subjects are studied in this field?
  • Which subjects have you liked the most and why?
  • To what extent does your classes and specialty meet your expectations?
  • Why go to college?

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Invite a student shadow

How it all works Just 6 steps to a student shadow

You can add your invitation here and students can book invitations.

  1. Add student shadow invitation

    Create an invitation for a student shadow on our website. You can choose a day that suits you best.

  2. We send an invitation to students

    You added a student shadow invitation, we'll take it to the students.

  3. Student books student shadowing

    A student who is interested in your specialty and for whom the student shadowing time is suitable will book an invitation. You'll receive an email with their contacts and they'll receive a letter with yours. Write-call before shading to agree on the exact meeting place for the appointment.

  4. Send a reminder

    We'll email you an appointment reminder one day before your appointment.

  5. Student Shadow Day takes place

    YAY! Finally, that day has come! Ready? Went! P.S. Don't forget to take a picture and social media @tulevikutegijad Noted. You can also send a picture and a few lines of the event hello

  6. We ask for feedback

    After the event, we will send you a couple of questions about the appointment.

experience stories Learn from the experiences of others

Tolu Johnson, TalTechi rahvvusvahelise ärijuhtimise magistrant

Tolu Johnson, TalTechi rahvvusvahelise ärijuhtimise magistrant

Romon shadowed 21-year-old Tolu. The day started with a house and campus tour. In the second half of the day, Ramon got the opportunity to participate in an export management lecture with Tolu, where the CEO of EMI (Estonian Marine and Manufacturing Initiative) spoke as a guest lecturer.

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