Students in grades 10-12, take a peek at university life

Thinking about what to choose? It's a big decision. The best way to do it is to get to know university life and the subject you are interested in. Prepare your questions and soak up everything new. After that, university life won't be completely alien to you. The Future Makers platform is a great way to coach students from the Sisekaitseakadeemia, TalTech, Tallinn University and kood/Jõhvi universities.

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student shadowing

R, 29/09/2023

In person

Elektroenergeetika ja mehhatroonika EAAB

Tallinna Tehnikaülikool - TalTech peamaja, Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn
  • 4 hours

  • Mirjam Mäekivi

E, 02/10/2023

In person

Ärindus TABB

Tallinna Tehnikaülikool - Majandusteaduskond, Akadeemia tee 3, Tallinn
  • 4 hours

  • Hanna-Lotta Kubi

In person

Elektroenergeetika ja mehhatroonika EAAB

Tallinna Tehnikaülikool - TalTech peamaja, Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn
  • 4 hours

  • Mirjam Mäekivi

YOUR BENEFIT Why do a student shadow?

Make a well-thought-out choice

The choice of specialty is a responsible decision. Even if you can change your decision later, any redecision will take you back to the beginning – zero point. It is much easier to get acquainted with the disciplines of interest to you in the course of student shading in order to immediately make thoughtful choices.

Gain self-confidence

"School life was completely different," freshmen always say. It creates a slight tension, and a question remains in the air, but then what changed so much? How can I prepare myself? During student shadowing, you can see which systems work at the university and how the studies are organized. You will enter your first lecture with much more confidence than you have been a student shadow during your school years.

METHOD Student shadowing

How does a student shadow day work?

Student Shadow Day is a one-on-one meeting with a university student. Student shadowing can take place in two ways:

1. If the meeting takes place face-to-face, you will observe the student's day (4-8h). During the shading, you will get an idea of the student's specialty and study at the university and ask questions that are important to you.

2. If the meeting takes place virtually, it lasts 45 minutes. So that you can get valuable information for yourself, prepare 10 questions for the meeting.

Students from Tallinn University and Tallinn University of Technology can be shadowed.

At Tallinn University, student shadowing takes place twice per academic year. See the specialties of Tallinn University here.

Students of Tallinn University of Technology can be shadowed throughout the academic year. See the specialties of Tallinn University of Technology here.


Shadowing students often ask questions such as:

  1. How did the university applications go? What were the tests like?
  2. How can I improve my chances of getting into college?
  3. Why did you decide to study this specialty?
  4. What would you advise me to do to choose the right profession?
  5. What subjects are studied at the university within the framework of this specialty?
  6. Which subjects do you like the most at university and why?
  7. To what extent does the university/specialty meet your expectations?
  8. Why go to college?
  9. What are the costs of studying at university?
  10. Why choose this university?
  11. What extra curricular opportunities and activities does the university offer?

Are you ready to shadow a university student?

Choose the right specialty

How it all works Just 6 steps to student shadowing

University students enter student shadow invitations into our system, and you can accept an invitation of a student and specialty that interests you. 

  1. Find the right specialty

    Find which invitation from a university student you find the most interesting.

  2. Book a student shadow

    Once you have found a suitable student shelter, click on the "book" button and an appointment has been arranged. After that, we will send you a confirmation letter with the student's contacts by e-mail.

  3. Prepare

    We'll email you sample questions. Try to think of other information you'd like to know. Write them down so you don't forget. :)

  4. Send a reminder

    We'll email you a reminder about the student shadowing one day before it happens.

  5. Student shadowing takes place

    YAY! Finally, that day has come! Ready? Went! P.S. Don't forget to take a picture of your student shadow day and mark @tagasikooli when posting it. Be sure to write more about what you did and how it went! You can also send a picture and a few lines of text to helena

  6. We ask for feedback

    After the student shadow day, we'll send you three questions for feedback.

Experience stories

Ramon Vilde, 21. Kooli õpilane

Ramon Vilde, 21. Kooli õpilane

Romon shadowed 21-year-old Tolu. The day started with a house and campus tour. In the second half of the day, Ramon got the opportunity to participate in an export management lecture with Tolu, where the CEO of EMI (Estonian Marine and Manufacturing Initiative) spoke as a guest lecturer.

You've come to the very end. Sounds awesome? Take the first step and sign up to be a student shadow!

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