Student shadowing, i.e. the opportunity to get acquainted with the specialty

During the student eclipse, the student observes one student's school day for 4-8 hours. If necessary, the meeting will take place virtually and will last 45 minutes. During the shading, the student asks questions and learns as much as possible about the specialty of interest to himself. This will help him choose his specialty.

Student, add invitation Student, go for student shelter
student shadowing

VALUE PROPOSITION Student shading - for whom and why?

Student, help the student find his way

Remember when you just finished school and weren't sure what to do next? What to study? Maybe you were at several crossroads like other students are today. What can you do to support them in making these choices? Let them come shadow you for a day! Let them see if your lifestyle and studies interest them and would suit them. This makes it easier for them to find their way and make better informed and thought out choices.

Student, take the opportunity to learn about the specialty

It's complicated! Choosing a specialty is a responsible decision, and what about the fact that you can change it at any time. This is the next slingshot. It is even easier to get acquainted with the disciplines of interest to you during the student shadowing process in order to immediately make thoughtful choices. Look for exciting student shadowing opportunities among the student invitations of TalTech and Tallinn University!

How does it all work Just 6 steps to student shadowing

TalTech and Tallinn University students enter student shadow invitations into our system and students can book them.

  1. Student adds invitation to shadow

    The student enters an invitation to the student shelter on our website. He will be able to choose a suitable day for himself.

  2. We send an invitation to students

    You added the student shadow invitation, we'll forward it to interested students by email.

  3. Student books student shadowing

    A student who is interested in the profession and for whom the student shadowing time is suitable will book the invitation. You'll receive an email with their contacts and they'll receive a letter with yours. Write-call before shading to agree on the exact time and place of the appointment.

  4. Send a reminder

    We'll email you a reminder one day before the meeting.

  5. Student Shadow Day takes place

    YES, FINALLY! The day is here! Are you ready? Yes! Ps. Do not forget to take a picture and tag @tagasikooli on social media. You can also send a picture and a few lines of the event to the

  6. We ask for feedback

    After the event, we will send you a feedback questionnaire. Thank you for helping us streamline the arrangement even further!

Experience stories Learn from the experience of others. Get the impressions of Student Shadow Day:

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