Work professionals, bring students on a job shadow!

The next job shadowing month will take place in April 2023. You can add your invitation to a student for job shadowing from January 2023. We are waiting for invitations from January 01 to April 21. Meetings take place both at the workplace and in a video meeting.

November's job shadowing week takes place in cooperation with JA Estonia and the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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Tallinn Strategy Centre and Tallinn City Chancellery job shadow day1
Tallinn Strategy Centre and Tallinn City Chancellery2
Tallinn Strategy Centre and Tallinn City Chancellery job shadow day3

YOUR BENEFIT Why take a job shadow?

Help students find their way

Summarizing the results of PISA 2018 in Estonia, it is safe to say that compared to the 2015 PISA survey, the share of students who do not have an idea of their possible future occupation has increased (from 15% to 21%). You could say "So what? There's time." In reality, ignorance creates insecurity in young people entering independent lives and gives birth to random choices based on a limited perception of the possibilities of the world of work.

In the process of job shadowing, young people learn a lot about themselves and what they find interesting. We help students reach their potential, make informed choices and reach for their dreams!



Become more aware of your choices

The job shadow prepares at least 10 questions about your work and specialty. Sample questions will be sent to you by email. By explaining your work activities, goals, and challenges to others, they can also become clearer for you or become aware in some new way.

There have also been situations during job shadowing where the student's questions make the employee or entrepreneur think in a new direction. Young people have fresh eyes and may notice something that goes unnoticed by those inside.


Make a real-life impact

It may be that we've already bored you with this talk, but the kids are really looking for their own way. They are trying to understand themselves in order to set their goals and pursue goals. And can you imagine it when the search for a young person brings him or her into your company or your field after school? Think about how cool that would be!

You could have a real-life impact and change the direction of someone's life for the better. Thanks to you, there could be a new future innovator in your field. Thanks to you, someone may start their career in your company. Feel free to pat yourself on the back as you leave sneaky hints to your boss – so much can come from one job shadow!

Introduce a student to your work!

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Method What is job shadowing?

What does job shadowing look like?

Job shadowing is a one-on-one meeting with a student in grades 7-12, or a young person who may be taking a short break from school. Job shadowing can take place in two ways:

1. If the meeting takes place face-to-face, the student could be introduced to the whole working day (4-8h)." It is important that the student sees different aspects of work, e.g. the working environment, gets an idea of the pace of work, gets acquainted with colleagues, sees work tasks, etc. It can also be done, for example, as one of the makers in his field told us about his experience: "our job shadowing day began with a shadow on a yoga mat and ended when we went to pick up the children".

2. If the meeting takes place virtually, then it lasts 45 minutes. For the meeting, the student will prepare 10 questions that they will ask you during the interview.

Some questions students are interested in:

  1. What is your normal working day like?
  2. What do you like/dislike most about your job?
  3. What is the hardest part of your job?
  4. What is the biggest challenge you have faced at your job so far?
  5. What are the opportunities for development and promotion in this work?
  6. Is there anything you could have learned more to be ready for the job?
  7. What are the skills needed to do this job?
  8. Is there anything about this job that most people don't know?
  9. If you could choose again, would you choose the same occupation/field of work?
  10. What kind of education is needed to work in this position /field? Which schools have you graduated from?
  11. What schools/specialties would you recommend to be successful in your position/field?

Are you ready to take a job shadow? Let us know!

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How it all works Just 6 steps to setting up a job shadow

You sign yourself up for a job shadow on a suitable day, face-to-face or virtually.

  1. Invite yourself to a job shadow

    Click on "create a new event" and add a job shadow invitation for a time that suits you. One time equals one day of shadowing or one virtual meeting. If you add three times, three young people can come to shadow you. After you create the invitation, we will send you a copy of the invitation by e-mail. You can share the event and add it to your calendar.

  2. We will send your invitation to students

    We'll forward your job shadow invitation to interested students by email.

  3. Student books job shadowing

    A student who is interested in your profession and for whom job shadowing time is suitable will book an invitation. You get their contacts in your email and they get a letter with yours. If you meet face-to-face, write-call before job shadowing to agree on the exact place of the appointment. If the meeting takes place virtually, please send the student a link to the online meeting.

  4. Send a reminder

    We'll email you a reminder one day before the job shadow. 

  5. Work shadow day takes place

    YAY! Finally, that day has come! Ready? Went! P.S. Don't forget to take a picture and mark @tagasikooli on social media. You can also send a picture and a few lines of the event to helena

  6. We ask for feedback

    After the event, we will ask for your feedback on the student's preparation and thoughts on the meeting. We'll send you three questions.

Experience stories How was the job shadowing day?

Juhatuse liige ja klienditeenuste juht Ede Raagmets

Juhatuse liige ja klienditeenuste juht Ede Raagmets

My meeting with the job shadow was very meaningful and exciting for both sides.

Interaktsioonidisainer Joosep Noorväli

Interaktsioonidisainer Joosep Noorväli

If a student is dealing with an ignorance of the future, a job shadowing can support their mental health.

Pipedrive'i sisudisainer Kristiina Kallasmaa

Pipedrive'i sisudisainer Kristiina Kallasmaa

Meeting with job shadows always helps me to see my work with fresh eyes. 

Õpilane Rene

Õpilane Rene

The professional I was shadowing answered all my questions thoroughly, and in addition, he pointed out the difference between working in their specialty both in Estonia and abroad. This experience reassured me that this specialty is suitable for me.

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