Job shadowing is a one-on-one meeting with a young person

During job shadowing, the student observes the working day of one employee for 4-8 hours or the meeting takes place virtually and lasts 45 minutes. Those in their field put job shadow invitations into our system, and students book interesting and suitable opportunities for themselves. The job shadowing day initiative is led by Junior Achievement Estonia and the organisation work is supported by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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VALUE PROPOSITION Job shadowing - for whom and why?

Student, learn from those in your field

You will be able to talk one-on-one with a professional that is interesting to you and you will get to know the world of work. It will become increasingly clear to you what your strengths and weaknesses are and which jobs are suitable for you or which are not suitable at all.

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A player in your field, contribute to young people

During job shadowing, we can encourage young people, share their journey with them and prepare them for the world of work. One-on-one time with a youngster is a big contribution to his future baggage.

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How does it all work Just 6 steps Tagasi Kooli

A person in their field invites them to visit face-to-face or virtually on a suitable day for job shadowing. The student chooses a job shadowing invitation that suits them and books it.

  1. We sent a copy of the advertisement

  2. We'll send your request to professionals

  3. Student booking event

  4. Send a reminder

  5. The meeting will take place

  6. We ask for feedback

Experience stories Learn from the experiences of others

Pipedrive'i sisudisainer Kristiina Kallasmaa

Pipedrive'i sisudisainer Kristiina Kallasmaa

Young people are sometimes surprised that working life may not be a straight line from school to profession, but full of twists and turns.

Interaktsioonidisainer Joosep Noorväli

Interaktsioonidisainer Joosep Noorväli

If a student is dealing with an ignorance of the future, a job shadowing can support their mental health.

Juhatuse liige ja klienditeenuste juht Ede Raagmets

Juhatuse liige ja klienditeenuste juht Ede Raagmets

My meeting with the job shadow was very meaningful and exciting for both sides.

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