Four Ways to Help Students Find Their Own Path

You're a doer. Whether you believe it or not, you are a doer for any student who has yet to pass the final exams, but an independent life that offers freedom and boundless opportunities. What were your inner struggles on the brink of this great life change? Do you remember? Did you get the answer to all your questions and where did you get the confidence to take the next steps? We help students on their way!

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Terje Ong and Aljona Galazan

BENEFITS THROUGH METHODS Four ways to reach students

Guest hour

The guest lesson is a 45-minute school lesson about one's specialty, profession or skills necessary in the world of work. Teachers add their invitations to classes online and the system delivers them to eligible candidates. If the time suits you, book an invitation. What to talk about in class? Find out from the teacher about student expectations and get ideas on how to conduct the lesson from the article "6 tips on how to give students a successful (virtual) guest lesson".


  • the poet gives a literature lesson and talks about his working day;
  • the entrepreneur talks in an entrepreneurship lesson about how to set up his business;
  • the hr manager introduces in the career lesson how the hiring is carried out;
  • the marketing manager introduces in a math lesson what role numbers play in marketing.
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Study visit

A study visit is a class visit of up to 1-2 hours to a company, public institution or non-governmental organization. You can add an invitation to our system to invite students to visit.
Study visits take place in two formats: work processes or occupations. The purpose of the study visit "Work Processes" is to introduce students to how the organization works. The purpose of introducing professions is to show at least ten different professions of the company.

Questions such as:

  • Offices in Swedbank with an office tour;
  • How Eesti Energia works with an office tour?
See which study visits you can go on

Job shadowing

While job shading, a student can observe a working day of one employee for 4-8 hours. Or the job shadow can be done virtually through a 45 minute meeting with the student. Are you ready to have a student job shadow you? Sign up today! During the shadowing, the student can ask questions and learn as much as possible about the the field of work and what they find interesting about it.

For example, the following are overshadowed with interest:

  • marketing managers;
  • hr managers;
  • experts in the field of IT;
  • Lawyers
  • designers and many others!

As many as there are students, there are different interests.

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Student shadowing

Students in grades 7-12 can choose the opportunity to shadow students directly from the collaborative platform based on their interest. Student shelter can be done on site for 4-8 hours at higher education institutions or meet virtually for 45 minutes. For the online meeting, students prepare 10 questions. Sample questions are emailed to students. If you want your students to take part in student shadowing, keep up to date with the opportunities.
Future Makers cooperates with:

  • Tallinn University of Technology and
  • Tallinn University.
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Focus directions We help students find their professional vocation!

Who do I want to become?

Students wrestle with the question "Who do I want to become?" throughout high school, and maybe even before. Even if one guesses or knows for sure, doubts and hesitations are revealed along the way, because the young person is in flux all the time. We help young people see the colourfulness of the world of work. We will help to get acquainted with various professions so that they can say: "This definitely does not suit me!" OR "Vot, that's it for me!"

Courageous drive and entrepreneurship

The will to act and the entrepreneurial spirit are felt when a person has confidence and drive. How to instill it in young people? We believe that still by example, how else? If we ourselves do not support young people and encourage them to push forward, who will do it for us? Who to look at if you wanted to say "youth is doomed"?

Invite the student to be a shadow

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How does it all work Six steps

The one who calls up the invitation, and the young person can choose it, and the meeting is arranged.

  1. We sent a copy of the advertisement

  2. We'll send your request to professionals

  3. Student booking event

  4. Send a reminder

  5. The meeting will take place

  6. We ask for feedback

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