Four Ways to Help Students

We help young people find their way through life stories and reach their potential. You, with your company or institution, can invite a class to join your work for a study visit. In addition, you can go with the team to give guest lessons or take job shadows.

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BENEFITS THROUGH METHODS Four ways to reach students

Guest hour

The guest lesson is a 45-minute school lesson about one's specialty, profession or skills necessary in the world of work. Teachers add their invitations to classes online. Once you have added the invitation, we will send your invitation to suitable guests. You can invite a guest to the school as well as meet him or her online.


  • poet's literature lessons;
  • entrepreneur's business hours;
  • personnel manager introduce CV-preparation;
  • marketing manager to share their experience on how to make a marketing campaign.
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Study visit

The study visit is up to 1-2 hours visit to a company, public sector institution or non-governmental organisation. Organizations add their own invitations, and you can choose the one that suits you. Study visits take place in two formats: work processes or occupations. The purpose of the study visit "Work Processes" is to introduce students to how the organization works. The purpose of introducing agencies is to introduce at least ten different occupations in one go.
Such as:

  • Offices in Swedbank with an office tour
  • How Eesti Energia works with an office tour?
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Job shadowing

Students in grades 7-12 can choose the job shadowing option directly from the collaborative platform based on their interest. Job shadowing can be done both on-site and meet for 45 minutes online. For the online meeting, students prepare 10 questions. Sample questions are emailed to students. If you want your students to take part in job shadowing, keep up to date with the opportunities.
For example, the most shaded are:

  • drivers;
  • it specialists;
  • designers;
  • Judges.
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Student shadowing

Students in grades 7-12 can choose the opportunity to shadow students directly from the collaborative platform based on their interest. Student shelter can be done both on-site at higher education institutions and meet for 45 minutes online. For the online meeting, students prepare 10 questions. Sample questions are emailed to students. If you want your students to take part in student shadowing, keep up to date with the opportunities.

Future Makers cooperates with:

  • Tallinn University of Technology and
  • Tallinn University.
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Focus directions We help all students deal with career and entrepreneurial competence

Career competence, career training

The world of work is immensely exciting and so full of possibilities that it takes a toll on your eyes. We offer a variety of methods to make career learning varied and practical by introducing students to different professions. Anything that helps them make vital choices for themselves.

Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, financial wisdom

The aim of entrepreneurship education is to support the formation of self-directed and initiative-minded young people. It is a practical and vital subject where young people become more familiar with the possibilities of entrepreneurship and working life. The Makers of the Future help to implement the goals.

Invite the student to be a shadow

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How it all works Just 6 steps

  1. Create an invitation

  2. Booking an lesson

  3. Prepare

  4. Reminder

  5. Event takes place

  6. Giving feedback


Come and commit

Devote at least 10 meetings to students in one academic year to introduce them to the world of work. You can dedicate your time to students by giving guest lessons, taking job shadowing, or inviting students to visit you instead.

We support you in involving your organization's employees as follows:

  • We display your company name on our website
  • We send information and instructions for preparing for meetings
  • We invite the employees of your organization to a recognition event
  • We carry out joint communication activities
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The environment of the succession programme

Do you want your organisation to be a well-known and attractive employer among young people? Would you like to introduce students to your organization and job opportunities, but engaging employees as brand ambassadors seems laborious? We will help you organize this project easily!

The environment of the succession program offers:

  • Overview of meetings in one place
  • Websites with your company's offers
  • Direct offers for teachers and students
  • Statistics
  • Feedback



Come and support

Does your company share the same values with us and want to contribute to education and the development of young people? Write to us by email at Roberta or call 5331 0510 and let's talk more!

Permanent donation or one-time support via our website

We are very grateful for every support – both for the monthly donation and for the one-time help. It is possible to support us through the donation form on the website or by making a transfer directly to the NGO Tagasi kooli to the bank account EE842200221063078706.

For the company, the donation is with an income tax incentive, which is up to 10% of the profit of the previous financial year or 3% of the payroll subject to social tax for the current calendar year – exactly as is suitable for your company.



Swedbanki juht Olavi Lepp

Swedbanki juht Olavi Lepp

Give it back to move on! In the guest lesson, you can talk about your career, and by giving the lesson, you will also learn something new yourself.

Pipedrive'i sisudisainer Kristiina Kallasmaa

Pipedrive'i sisudisainer Kristiina Kallasmaa

Meeting with job shadows always helps me to see my work with fresh eyes. 

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