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Do you have secret desires, thoughts, dreams? We have makers who have been in your shoes. They, too, have been faced with choices at some point, where to go next? They have taken several steps and become successful in their field. You have the opportunity to ask them questions. Go to work or student shelter, ask the teacher to invite a guest teacher to the front of the class, or suggest a study visit to a company or institution.

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BENEFITS THROUGH METHODS Four ways to learn more about the world of work

Guest hour

A guest lesson is a 45-minute school lesson on the professional, professional or skills required by an expert in the world of work. Teachers add online invitations to classes, and experts book a suitable invitation for themselves. Once you have added the invitation, we will send it to suitable guests. You can invite a guest to the school or meet them online.


  • poet's literature lessons;
  • entrepreneur's business hours;
  • personnel manager introduce CV-preparation;
  • marketing manager to share their experience on how to grow awareness.
See exciting guest lessons

Study visit

The study visit is a 1-2 hour visit to a company, public institution or non-governmental organisation. Organizations add their own vocations, and the teacher can choose the one that suits the class. Study visits take place in two formats: work processes or occupations. The purpose of the study visit "Work Processes" is to introduce students to how the organization works. The purpose of introducing agencies is to introduce at least ten different occupations in one go.

Questions such as:

  • Offices in Swedbank with an office tour
  • How Eesti Energia works with an office tour?
See which study visits you can go on

Job shadowing

Students in grades 7-12 can choose the job shadowing option directly from the Future Makers website based on their interest. Job shadowing can be done both on-site and meet for 45 minutes online. Prepare 10 questions for the online meeting. Sample questions will be sent to you by email.

For example, the most shaded are:

  • drivers;
  • it specialists;
  • designers;
  • Judges.

Who would you like to overshadow?

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Student shadowing

Students in grades 7-12 can choose the opportunity to shadow students directly from the collaborative platform based on their interest. Student shelter can be done both on-site at higher education institutions and meet for 45 minutes online. For the online meeting, students prepare 10 questions. Sample questions are emailed to students. If you want your students to take part in student shadowing, keep up to date with the opportunities.

Future Makers cooperates with:

  • Tallinn University of Technology and
  • Tallinn University.
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Go to work or student shelter

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How it all works Just 6 steps to a job shadowing day

We will describe to you how you can go job shadowing.

  1. Choose a suitable job shadow

    See all job shadowing options. Is there anything exciting going on?

  2. Book the job shadow

    Once you've found the right job shadowing for you, book it before the others. After that, we will send you a confirmation letter and the employee's contacts by e-mail. You can send the employee your questions in advance that you would like to know from them. Also agree with him on the exact time and place of the meeting.

  3. Prepare

    We sent you sample questions to ask during job shadowing. Maybe you'd like to know something yourself? Write it down so you don't lose your mind. :)

  4. Reminder

    We'll email you a reminder about job shadowing one day before it happens.

  5. Job shadowing day

    YAY! Finally, that day has come! Ready? Went! P.S. Don't forget to take a picture of your job shadowing day and mark @tagasikooli when posting it. Be sure to write more about what you did and how it went! You can also send a picture and a few lines of text to helena @tulevikutegijad.ee

  6. Giving feedback

    After the job shadowing day, we will send you a feedback questionnaire. Thank you for helping us streamline the job shadowing organization even more!


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