Vision: Every student in Estonia knows how to find their own way.

Mission: We bring career-related meetings with the world of education and work to all students in Estonia.

Solution: With the support of the online platform, we help to easily and quickly agree on guest lessons, shadings and study visits introducing the world of education and work.

Focus: Through the program, we help schools conduct career learning. As a sub-activity, we support the teaching of entrepreneurship and financial wisdom.

Why is it necessary to raise the career awareness of young people? International career studies show that young people's job aspirations are often limited in their range of choices and without an idea of the real world of work. An important influence on young people's career decisions is social background. (Conference "A bold leap into the unknown?" , 2020) As a summary of the results of the OECD International Study on Learning Skills PISA 2018 in Estonia, it is safe to say that compared to the previous survey, the proportion of students who are unable to answer about their possible future occupation has increased (from 15% to 21%).

In order to ensure well-thought-out choices and decisions, it is necessary to pay more attention to the planning and counselling of a young person's career. The authors of the Education Strategy 2035 estimate that the level of teaching career skills and entrepreneurship is uneven. It is time-consuming for teachers to involve participants in their own studies on their own with a busy schedule, but young people need role models and inspiration to fulfil their potential.




EXPERIENCE STORIES What do the players in our field say about us?

  • Number of students 2022 6859

  • Number of meetings 2022 742

  • Student satisfaction 2022 10/10

Swedbank Eesti juhatuse esimees Olavi Lepp

Swedbank Eesti juhatuse esimees Olavi Lepp

Give it back to move on! In the guest lesson, you can talk about your career, and by giving the lesson, you will also learn something new yourself.

Karjäärinõustaja ja tööõnne uurija Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Karjäärinõustaja ja tööõnne uurija Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Young people are worried about their future. The better the overview of career paths, the less stress.

Ettevõtte Bolt ja Heateo Haridusfondi kaasasutaja Martin Villig

Ettevõtte Bolt ja Heateo Haridusfondi kaasasutaja Martin Villig

Role models motivate education to go all the way and make informed career choices.

Futuclassi kaasasutaja Märt Lume

Futuclassi kaasasutaja Märt Lume

The most important thing I need to learn in school is what I want to be. Tagasi Kooli Help students find answers to this question.

Organization Experience and innovation

Impact indicators

  • Number of students participating, per year
  • Number of meetings per year (including guest lessons, study visits, job shadowing, student shadowing)
  • Number of schools participating, per year
  • Students' assessment of the content of the meeting
  • Teachers' assessment of the achievement of learning goals
  • Assessment of cooperation by representatives of the world of work and education
  • Future Makers System Recommendation Index


Tagasi Kooli development path:

-> 2006 Young people were born at the school Tagasi Kooli idea

-> 2011 KÜSK helped to create the first information system for agreeing on guest lessons

-> since 2012 Swedbank has been helping to bring guest lessons to all schools

-> first full-time employee in 2014

-> 2017/2018 we gave Estonia 100 live e-hours for its birthday

-> 2019 we tried to agree on job shadows, student shadows and field trips

-> 2021, we opened a new information system for agreeing on guest lessons, shading and study visits

Management structure

Tagasi Kooli the members of the General Meeting/Council are Ede Raagmets, Kärt Kaasik, Tiina Saar-Veelmaa, Märt Lume, Tiina Pauklin, Triin Noorkõiv. Member of the Board of Directors is Teibi Torm. Tagasi Kooli operates according to the Articles of Association.

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Funding in general

Tagasi Kooli is a non-profit organisation that operates with the support of grants and donations.

Tagasi Kooli is a member of the NGO Association and adheres to the ethical principles of the activities of NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS and the good practice of collecting donations.

Annual reports

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