Share your experiences with students.

Help the young person find their own way, tell them in the guest lesson about their choices, successes and challenges, your work, entrepreneurship or financial wisdom! To do this, choose a suitable invitation to the school and / or youth center and read more about how to give a guest lesson on the Future Makers blog.

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Minister of the Interior Kristian Jaani's guest lesson
Martin Villig
Terje Ong and Aljona Galazan

METHOD What is a guest lesson?

A guest lesson is a 45-90 minute school lesson with a guest teacher, i.e. an expert in the field, which takes place face-to-face or virtually.

The visiting teacher talks about his or her specialty, profession, skills needed in the world of work, entrepreneurship or financial wisdom, involves students in the discussion and, if possible, also conducts some practical activities. Tips for giving guest lessons can be found on the Future Makers blog.


  • poet's literature lessons;
  • start-up founder's entrepreneurial classes;
  • a career lesson as a human resources manager;
  • marketing manager to talk about analytics for a math lesson;
  • athlete sharing his career story in physical education;
  • investor in the youth centre to teach financial wisdom.
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YOUR BENEFIT Why give guest lessons?

Contribute to young people

A guest teacher is a player in their field who can show the connections between learning and future opportunities. Young people draw career ideas from all over the place. You have the power to set an example and, by talking about your work and life choices, offer young people the confidence to shape the future.

Share your experiences

Guest lessons offer students variety, increase motivation to learn and inspire young people to push forward. The guest class is on the topic of career, work, entrepreneurship or financial wisdom. Wondering how it would be best to approach young people? How to conduct a lesson? You can also get ideas from the Future Makers blog.

A small step for you, a big step for the future!

The guest hour lasts 45-90 minutes. In your workday, this is perhaps the length of the average meeting. However, for some students, it can be a life-changing lesson. Give a guest hour!

How it all works Just 6 steps to a guest hour

To make appointments, we have created a platform to help you easily and quickly get in front of interested students.

  1. Choose a guest lesson

    Teachers have added guest lesson invitations to the Future Makers platform. Find the right one for you in the "Search for Events" calendar. Couldn't find? Leave us your contact and we will notify you when the invitation for you is added to our booking environment.

  2. Booking an lesson

    Did you find a suitable invitation? Book it before anyone else takes it! You will then receive an email with the teacher's contacts. The teacher will receive an email with your contacts so that you can agree on the details. Find out what questions students have about you, your work, and your specialty. Find out what tools you can use in class and what time and where exactly you need to be.

  3. Prepare

    Did you ask about the students' expectations? You can find ideas for preparing for the meetings on the Tagasi Kooli blog!

  4. Reminder

    We'll email you a reminder one day before the lesson. 

  5. Event takes place

    Finally, that day has come! Ready? Went! P.S. Don't forget to take a picture and mark @tagasikooli on social media. You can also send a picture and a few lines of the event to helena

  6. Giving feedback

    After the event, we will send you a feedback questionnaire. Thank you for helping us streamline the organization even more!

Your influence We contribute to the working world and life skills of our students

Education and job choices

The working world is immensely exciting and so full of possibilities that it can be a little overwhelming at first. Young people are looking for direction. Help them by telling them about your journey. Talk about challenges, victories, losses, joys and worries. Talk about the specifics and demands of your work. They will take away valuable information that will stick with them forever. Our efforts help students learn the endless career opportunities they have. We are here to help students find their way.

Entrepreneurial lifestyle

Support the development of an entrepreneurial attitude in students. Help them grow their knowledge and skills necessary for fostering financial wisdom and understanding business practices. We help students grow into active designers of their lives. Our activities support the implementation of the objectives of subjects such as entrepreneurship and economics in schools.

Experience stories Learn from the experiences of others

Ettevõtja Angela Ventsel

Ettevõtja Angela Ventsel

Shares her inspiring entrepreneur's journey in guest lessons

Rahvusooper Estonia koorilaulja ja solist Aule Urb

Rahvusooper Estonia koorilaulja ja solist Aule Urb

Talked about the work of an opera singer in a guest lesson

Põltsamaa Kirbuturu perenaine Anne-Liis Narits

Põltsamaa Kirbuturu perenaine Anne-Liis Narits

Talked to students about sustainable recycling and entrepreneurship

CityJet piloot Pille Lumpre

CityJet piloot Pille Lumpre

Shared the background of pilot work with students and talked about aviation

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