A guest lesson is a school lesson with a guest teacher

Teachers add invitations, the system sends them to those who do their own. For whom the time is suitable, it will book an hour and the guest hour is agreed upon. Together, we help schoolchildren find their way and reach their potential through life stories!

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VALUE PROPOSITION Why organize guest lessons?

Teacher, prepare the student for the future

How many of your students know what specialty they want to work in in the future? How many have an idea of what to learn next? All this ignorance creates uncertainty in young people, but the more representatives of specialties they meet, the more they get answers to their questions. Awareness of today's job opportunities creates a sense of security and helps young people to take conscious steps for their future.

Invite a guest to your class

A player in your field, support the student by sharing their experiences

Young people are looking for a direction to go. Tell them about your journey. Talk about challenges, wins, losses, joys and sorrows. Talk about what are the specifics and demands of your work. Young people relate to real stories, want to hear them and decipher them for themselves. You can draw ideas for giving a lesson from the article "6 tips on how to give students a successful (virtual) guest lesson?

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How does it all work Just 6 steps Tagasi Kooli

In order to make arrangements, we have created a platform that helps to reach the right people easily and quickly.

  1. Create an invitation

    Click on the "New Event" button and suggest suitable times for your meeting. Teachers can invite an expert to school. The expert can choose a guest lesson for himself.

  2. Booking an lesson

    Found a suitable invitation? Book it before the others! You will then receive an email with the teacher's contacts and they will receive yours. Communicate on the topic of the content of the lesson, study the expectations of students, agree on the details of the meeting.

  3. Prepare

    Contact your partner and ask about their expectations. To prepare for the meetings, you can find ideas on this website.

  4. Reminder

    We'll email you an appointment reminder one day before your appointment.

  5. Event takes place

    Jess, finally! That's the day! Ready? Went! Ps. Don't forget to take a picture and mark @tagasikooli on social media. You can also send a picture and a few lines of the event to the helena@tagasikooli.ee

  6. Giving feedback

    After the event, we will send you a feedback questionnaire. Thank you for helping us streamline the arrangement even further!

Experience stories Learn from the experiences of others

Õpetaja ja taskuhäälingu "Õpime Koos" juht Signe Varendi

Õpetaja ja taskuhäälingu "Õpime Koos" juht Signe Varendi

However, it would be awesome if every young person could find something already in their school years that will make their eyes shine and bring bread to the table in the future.

Õppejuht ja õpetaja
Kätlin Merisalu

Õppejuht ja õpetaja
Kätlin Merisalu

Students are always waiting for all guest lessons with great excitement.

Ettevõtja Angela Ventsel

Ettevõtja Angela Ventsel

It is important for students to see real life and steps behind job titles and activities.

Ettevõtlusõpetaja ja turundusdirektor Merje Sumberg

Ettevõtlusõpetaja ja turundusdirektor Merje Sumberg

The student wants to learn through a real person and their experiences – human contact is important.

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