Everything you need to deal with succession in one place

In the Aftercare environment, you can quickly and easily set up appointments with students. The environment gives you the opportunity to showcase your organisation and job opportunities, and engage employees as brand ambassadors, without the time and effort of project management. 

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Why join the AfterGrowth Programme environment?

Overview and statistics of meetings in one place

The environment provides an overview of all the meetings your company's staff have with students. You'll also see real-time meeting statistics and feedback, saving you time on summarising and making it easy to recognise the best contributors.

Websites with your business offers

In the environment, you can create web pages with only your company's branding and offers, which you can integrate into your website or share as a link on social media channels. This will help you to stand out better among young people with your offers.

Direct offers for teachers and students

The environment allows you to send direct offers to teachers and students in our database. For example, if you would like to give a guest lesson on a specific subject, you can notify teachers through the environment.

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Package of 25to 25 meetings per year

249 € per year

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Package of 50to 50 meetings per year

390 € per year

Choose a package

Package of 150to 150 meetings per year

590 € per year

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Package of 150+meetings by agreement

- price by agreement

All packages include:

  • Selected number of agreements in one year (12 months)
  • The possibility to send your offers
  • Statistics on what's happening
  • Feedback on meetings
  • Personal websites

* Disclaimer: the final number of meetings will depend on the organisation's own activities and the situation in schools (e.g. Covid-19 etc.). If the number of meetings is less than initially planned, the money will not be refunded.

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COOPERATION What do users of the AfterGrowth Programme say?

Killu Maidla, Eesti Hotellide ja Restoranide Liidu tegevjuht

Killu Maidla, Eesti Hotellide ja Restoranide Liidu tegevjuht

I can say that this is exactly the kind of platform we needed, as one of the Union's lines of action is to raise young people's awareness in the field of hospitality. I think that in a large company or a professional association that has taken the direction of working with young people, this tool is simply indispensable.

Pillemari Lilleorg, TalTech vastuvõtu spetsialist

Pillemari Lilleorg, TalTech vastuvõtu spetsialist

The environment is flexible and allows students to propose times on the fly, from which they can choose the time that suits them best. In addition, we have a constant overview of all the shadowing that has taken place from the university's perspective and can organise our internal and external marketing accordingly.

Teibi Torm, Tuleviku Tegijad tegevjuht

Teibi Torm, Tuleviku Tegijad tegevjuht

The Future Makers platform was born out of a desire to help every student in Estonia find their path. The post-graduation programme environment helps to reach a larger number of students with a minimum of time.

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